Medical & Physician PMS / Practice Management Software Development Company India

A truly incorporated EMR and Practice Management System for practices of all sizes

With a constantly growing need to increase efficiency and reduce costs while providing high-quality service, healthcare providers and medication services today demand more from their practice management and medical billing software than ever before.

Aegis’ practice management systems delivers unmatchedcontrol, flexibility, consistency and accessibility while providing that boost in efficiency. It facilitates in patient financial and document management, connectivity solutions and decision supportthat help progress patient service and business performance.

Aegis Healthcareproffers your practice a flexible solution with swift and secure access to operations from anywhere, anytime. Designed for an office that needs the benefits of an advanced healthcare practice management solution at an affordable cost, it is easy to use and learn.

We also provide offshore support & enhancement in existing practice management systems.


  • Medical Scheduling : Facilitates medical practitioners to optimize the way they schedule the appointments of their patients. Whether a solo physician or at multiple locations, Aegis’ healthcare practice management solution connects every team member for greater efficiency.
  • Patient Management : Displays a patient’s demographic information, their history and insurance information. You’ll get a clinical summary and an account overview for a complete picture of your patients.
  • Medical Billing Management : Manage your billing from eligibility to collections. The system generates automated responses for re-submissions, claim denials and status updates to streamline the workflow and ensures complete claim tracking process.Also eliminates repetitive data entry to streamline the charge entry process and reduce mistakes.
  • Claims Scrubbing : Automatically checks your claims concurrently to make sure they are 100% compliant before submittal.
  • Reporting : Provides better business insights across multiple providers, points of care and business entities. Reports can be reviewed through Aegis’ secure reporting and analytics system or rendered and exported in multiple formats to provide better search, review and storage with a single click.

Outsource your practice management systems to Aegis Healthcare for high-class, up to date features needed to handle the business side of any size medical practice, in anarrangement that works best for you.For better options contact us.