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Patient Portal Development Solutions

A customized patient portal Software can add a human touch to your machine-based interactions with your patients. Getting a fully functional and secure custom portal is now easy with Aegis Healthcare’s Software development solutions.

Hire portal developers or outsource development to us at affordable rates.

User-Friendly Patient Portal Software Development

Many researches indicate that patient portals fail because they are not easy to use or to say not user-friendly. At Aegis Healthcare, we are dedicated to making your patient portal a success by using development strategies and best practices that make your portal user-friendly. We have a 100% success rate in delivering EHR, EMR, PHR, etc.

Our development strategy is driven by trending technologies that have paved way in patients’ life. We create responsive Software that can be accessed on phones or other devices and integrate functionalities that make the patient and clinic interaction smoother and better in every respect.

Patient Portal Features

  • Single database for multiple records
  • Anytime and anywhere access
  • Quick appointment schedule
  • Medicine/prescription refill reminders
  • Lab test result notifications
  • Health blogs and related information
  • Emergency contact with physician
  • Secure and restricted backend access

Customized Patient Portal Development

The biggest advantage of getting a custom patient portal is that it is made for you with features that you will use the most and features that will help your overall business.

  • Reduce No-Shows: Our appointment-related features enable patients to cancel appointments with a single touch thus empowering you to plan better and accommodate emergencies.
  • Improve Care: We develop patient portals that help you automate mundane tasks which allows your staff to pay more attention and devote more time to patients that require human care.
  • Eliminate Redundancies: With a custom patient portal, you can record patient’s primary information and free them from the hassles of filling up forms with same information every time.
  • Increase Efficiency: The patient portals that we have developed have enhanced the overall process of interacting with a patient. This increase efficiency of the staff and increases revenues.

Convenient Patient Portal

Our custom patient portal solutions take care of the core requirements of a patient-centric Software.

  • Alerts and Notifications: With Aegis’ patient portals, get rid of traditional practices of calling patients and reminding them of the upcoming appointments or vaccines, notify them of every important event with your personal portal.
  • Schedule Visits: Let your patients experience comfort of scheduling appointments, prescription refills, etc. by simply accessing your patient portal. Aegis helps you set up calendars, forms, and block dates automatically with its ace coding abilities.
  • Record Maintenance: Both patients and clinics benefit alike with the Aegis incorporated online record maintenance feature that means patients no longer have to maintain a file with papers and hospitals no longer have to browse through old records.
  • Pay Online: Aegis has expertise in acquiring and implementing payment gateway functionality that enables patients to make payments online and access reports or other documentation without having to visit the clinic.

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