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AEGIS has experience in enabling the healthcare technology used by Eligible Professionals, Eligible Hospitals, and Critical Access Hospitals (CAHs) to adapt to Meaningful Use compliance requirements formulated under Health IT Regulations.

AEGIS’s vast technology expertise in mobile, analytics, integration and cloud, and with experience in working in leading EHR technology environment such as Cerner, AllScripts, EPIC, McKesson, Meditech, etc., empowers our customers to meet the Meaningful Use adoption timelines.

AEGIS’s technology services for Meaningful Use compliance are leveraged by healthcare software vendors and healthcare providers i.e. hospitals and physician networks.


  • Strong interoperability / HL7 expertise to enable exchange seamless exchange of clinical data across all provider platforms. Our understanding of off-the-shelf projects such as Cerner, EPIC, AllScripts, McKesson, Meditech, etc., will help accelerate you interoperability projects
  • Experience in building patient engagement platforms that facilitate easy and secure communication with the patients directly
  • Ability to design and build reporting and monitoring applications that comply with evidenced-based guidelines
Stage 2: Meaningful use criteria focus on: Advance Clinical Processes AEGIS
More rigorous health information exchange (HIE) AEGIS’s HL7 and interoperability expertise can help in integrating the provider systems across various technologies and domains in order to achieve comprehensive Health Information Exchanges (HIE) .AEGIS’s experience includes tools BizTalk, Cloverleaf, Mirth, GE Connectr, Open Engine, iNTERFACEWARE, Rhapsody, etc., along with experience in Clearing Houses (eg., Emdeon, AllScriptsPayerpath)
Increased requirements for e-prescribing and incorporating lab results With expertise in a variety of technologies and tools such as from Emdeon, RelayHealth, AdvanceNet, etc., AEGIS would be able to provide the skillsets and solutions required to enable your healthcare applications address the Stage-2 requirements for e-prescription and lab results and incorporation. Medications can be ordered using the Rx List abdeRx workflow is incorporated, while enabling the ordering of Lab and imaging tests through the ordering workflow. AEGIS has experience in developing standards-based integration adapters with 3rd party EMRs, labs (e.g., Quest, Labcorp), e-prescription (e.g., SureScripts, RxHUB), and other departmental systems.
Electronic transmission of patient care summaries across multiple settings We will provide the skillsets and services required to enable your systems’ patient records meet the CCDA file standard that can be exported for use by other organizations / platforms in a seamless manner. AEGIS has experience in developing standards-based integration adapters with 3rd party EMRs, labs, etc.
Reporting of clinical quality measures and public health information (Stage 1 requirement) AEGIS understands that a no. of organizations are working towards complying with this Stage 1 requirement. We will be able to offer our technical services in helping your organization to enable Data capture for calculating clinical quality measures that occur in various areas of the EHR, including in chart notes, through lab results, and medication orders. CQM calculation results can be transmitted to CMS through the electronic submission file standard, Quality Reporting Document Architecture (QRDA).
Patient Engagement (Stage 1 requirement) and Patient Controlled Data AEGIS’s Patient Engagement solutions empower patients of today, who have a growing desire to take greater control over their personal health through access to their electronic health records. We ensure seamless integration of you EHR system with your local /regional HIE and unleash the power of a patient portal with intuitive user-friendly navigation that engages patients to participate with providers and take a more active role in securely managing their healthcare.