Exuberant software solutions for efficient Health Information Exchanges

Aegis healthtech is an eminent provider of Health information exchange software solutions, which is a private network that brings together varied customers facilitating medical data exchange in support of clinical processes.

With an advanced technique of building a HIE platform around one or a network of hospitals, the platform is extremely sophisticated and authentic for secured data exchange, enabling effective patient data management.

Aegis’ advanced HIE platform

  • With instant access to clinical information covering the inner part and outside of a healthcare space, the platform actually enhances the quality of care.
  • Care processes efficiency enhancement by saving great time with instant access and saving expenses with no need for transport.
  • Through sophisticated information systems that facilitates hassle-free workflow, the platform smartly builds and enhances partnership with clinical associates.
  • Intensified Patient Engagement mechanism helps patients in focusing on self-care instead of chasing better ways to acquire good health.

Aegis healthtech equips healthcare providers with all the essential components for advanced Healthcare Information Exchange solutions. We offer ingenious modular solution for building HIEs that are in sync with new generation requirements and demands pertaining to medical data exchange.

Aegis’ HIE advantages

  • Turning your existing information systems into standard, secure and eminent information sharing infrastructure
  • Retaining patient data at the source, we provide access globally from a central clinical portal which is secured
  • Standards-Based, Modular Solution, based on the IHE (Integration the Healthcare Enterprise) standards, most notably IHE XDS – Cross-Enterprise Document Sharing.
  • Adding seamless integration advantage with other vendor components through Open Standards

If world class HIE solutions for advanced patient data managementis what are looking at, get in touch with us by writing to us on hs@aegishealthtech.com