Quintessential E-prescribing software solutions for enriched prescribing

Aegis healthtech, an India-based healthcare software solutions company has been rendering elegant services to the industry, especially supporting various healthcare operators with an exceptional mean – the E-prescribing software. Being considered best for effective prescribing, the web-solution enables clients to easily create, sign and transmit prescriptions electronically to any pharmacy of patient’s choice.

Exclusive services with exceptional expertise

At Aegis, we prefer to offer only the best to the world. When it comes to healthcare, we are even more particular about quality and essence of what we serve. Backed by a good research and experimentation, we have derived unique electronic prescribing software development and application integration services and solutions specifically to enrich the healthcare operations.

We offer a client-centric electronic prescribing software solution which consumes only a few seconds to deliver scripts and approve refills using any web-enabled device.

How is it unique?

Aegis’ smart electronic prescribing software enables clinicians to instantly send prescriptions electronically to pharmacies which intensify patient’s care. Alongside intensifying patient care, our enduring prescription software assists doctors in viewing patient insurance, any drug/allergy interactions so as to prescribe medicines that are in sync with patient’s health condition and also cost-efficient ones facilitating safe yet sound medication.

Developing equipping solutions

Possessing deep rooted knowledge in the domain, Aegis’ expert developers understand and perceive unique client requirements instantly. We believe in togetherness and so we collaborate with clientele to derive effective and customized offshore e-prescribing software intending to intensify operational efficiency, safety and of course mutually beneficial cost-efficiency across each of the patient interactions.

Feature highlights

  • Reducing chances of mistakes in prescriptions
  • Avoiding drug interactions
  • Enhancing patient satisfaction
  • Reducing expenses and generating revenue
  • Time-saving and efficient clinician utilization
  • Built-in medicine dosage calculator for easy medicine elucidation
  • Including Google Maps to patient’s choice of pharmacy
  • Recording of frequently used drugs and sigs
  • Formulary, refills and quick pharmacy look-up
  • Reviewing of Medications prescribed by other healthcare providers

We ensure best quality software services, for customer satisfaction is essential to us.

For more information on our prescribing software, write to us on hs@aegishealthtech.com or skype