EHR Implementation Made Easy

Opting for EHR integration and implementation can be a difficult. Let Aegis make it easy for you with its comprehensive EHR solutions and services.

Avail our EHR services at competitive rates.

EHR Consulting Services for Tailor-Made Solutions

We have implemented and integrated many EHR solutions for different companies around the world and this experience has helped us get better and better.

We use our industry exposure and expertise to your advantage. We are aware of the challenges that might arise when you implement EHR and we are also aware of the ways to tackle such challenges.

Associating with us means embracing perfect EHR solution and being well-equipped to handle problems that arise. Our consulting team comprises experts who have developed EHR Software and led implementation and integration initiatives. Our EHR consulting enables you to set things right from the first go and have a solid foundation.

Global EHR Integration

Aegis is well-versed with all popular EHR systems that have extensive clientele. We help you integrate your new EHR solutions or customized creations with these solutions effortlessly.

  • Greenway
  • Groupcast
  • Allscripts
  • eMD

Customized EHR Implementation

Aegis Healthcare offers customized EHR services where we take care of your special requirements and create Software that is ideal for you, easy to implement, and integrate well with your internal processes.

  • Custom Template Creation We help you create customized templates for recording patient’s data in a format that you want.
  • Specialty-Specific Solutions: We understand that every specialty is different and that’s why our Software takes care of the variations.
  • In-Sync with Other Solutions: Our EHR implementation and integration services align well with your industry practices and is easy to adopt.
  • Secure and Compliant: We conform with various international parameters and standards like MU-2, PQRS, CQM, IPPA. HL7, HHS, ONC-ATBP, etc.
  • Patient-Centric Features We know that the success of EHR relies on patient’s adoption. We include features like online payment, self-help tools, etc. that make it easy for your patients.
  • Record Maintenance Aegis helps you maintain health records that provide a common interface for doctors to easily see patient records and prescribe medication accordingly.

Choose Us as Your EHR Implementation Partner

Aegis Healthcare is a comprehensive EHR service provider that gives you immense flexibility and helps you cater to variety of patients without any glitches.

  • Expedite Record Maintenance: We help you perform your tasks as quickly as possible by streamlining processes. Aegis’ effort in this direction means enabling you to templatize recording.
  • Choose Your Platform: We have implemented EHR for different clients across the world on cloud and with on-premise infrastructure.
  • Run on Any Device: We create custom responsive custom EHR Software which can be accessed from any device.
  • Implementation Support: We offer 24X7 implementation support and offer training assistance to different clients to ensure hassle-free EHR implementation.

For more information on our EHR services or for hiring us as your implementation and integration partner, contact us at