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Smart & Simplified Healthcare IT Services

In the healthcare industry, you may not essentially have in-house IT experts who are proficient in building healthcare software according to your organizational needs. A reliable healthcare IT service provider is the right choice to outsource your software requirements to create functional healthcare software.

A customized healthcare IT solution with smart features and simple user interface could reduce the working time and increase the efficiency of the employees. That’s exactly what we intend to do at Aegis Health Tech. We provide specialized healthcare software development services with our in-house team of expert developers, designers and testers.

Healthcare Software Development Services to Solve Complex Problems

Going digital is the easiest way to get rid of the basic problems of your healthcare organization and reduce operational costs. With problem-solving techniques, integrations and customization, our healthcare IT team brainstorms with you and create simplified solutions. Our healthcare IT services solve the problems that healthcare organizations face every day by:

  • Shortening the billing cycles
  • Automating interoffice activities
  • Automating record storage and easy retrieval
  • Minimizing the time taken to create patient records
  • Integrating with other payment methods for quick transactions

Apart from these, if your organization has any specific issue that is troubling your process and affecting productivity, we can provide customized solutions with simple implementation to solve it easily. We have an in-house team that understands all your healthcare application development needs to help you get a fantastic application.

Our Healthcare Software Development Services

We develop healthcare IT solutions that bring together the entire ecosystem of the healthcare, including the doctors, patients, service providers and caretakers. We provide end-to-end healthcare software development services intended to fulfill your IT needs.

Healthcare Application Development

We innovate healthcare IT applications that are designed to fit into the organization’s everyday functioning, reduce the unnecessary wastage of time and create a unified interface that solves confusions. We offer world-class healthcare application development services to empower you develop efficient application.

Healthcare Application Analysis & Solutions

You have a problem that you need to solve but do not the proper IT solution for it. We can guide you to choose the right IT solution that solves your problem and suggest features and technologies based on your requirements.

Healthcare IT Security

Our healthcare application development team adheres to the highest standards of healthcare security to protect the patient records and provide secure channels for software operations. All our healthcare software services are compliant to HIPAA, HITECH, HL7, FHIR, PSQIA, MU Stage 2, etc.

Healthcare Quality Assurance & Testing

We test the healthcare software at regular intervals to ensure application security and seamless performance for the users.

Healthcare IT Support & Maintenance

If you do not have the skillset in your in-house team to maintain the healthcare software, we can help you out. We provide 24X7 support services and regular maintenance customized to your time zone.

Extensive Healthcare Application Development Services from Aegis

From maintaining perfect patient records to enabling the highest IT security measures, we provide comprehensive healthcare IT services designed to empower and enrich the organization. Our Healthcare Application Development team takes care of all the application development requirements.

Patient Portal Development

Develop a single database to store and manage multiple records, facilitate appointments, schedule alerts and provide healthcare information to the patients online.

Customized EHR Solutions

Patient-centric Electronic Health Records (EHR) to streamline the workflow of the staff, reduce waiting time and improve employee efficiency.

EMR Consultation & Integration

Quickly add, edit and retrieve medical records online, thereby facilitating easy access of the patient information to the physicians in a single touch.


Create an all-in-one Hospital Management System (HMS) that includes in-patient and out-patient records, Laboratory details, CDR records, inventory records and a lot more.

To know more about our healthcare software services to get a customized solution just for your organization, send us an email at

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do not worry. We have IT experts specialized in healthcare services who will sit with you, understand your requirements and the functioning of your organization to create a perfect-fit IT solution for you.

There are many different kinds of healthcare software available and the cost depends on your individual needs. If you want to get a free quote, just send us your details to and we will send back a cost estimate.

We have a fixed cost and fixed time model and we will suggest you the best cost-effective model according to your requirements.

Yes, we follow the highest levels of security and quality assurance throughout our healthcare software services and we employ specialized models to achieve HIPAA compliance.

We have helped many healthcare companies to achieve business intelligence through IT solutions. We make this happen by including data collection, analysis and implementation tools as a part of your organizational operations.

We implement intelligent, cost-effective IT solutions in optimization the costs for healthcare providers and recipients. We leverage data-driven payment solutions and bundled payment techniques toreduce the cost-efficiently.Furthermore, as we have worked with several healthcare companies, we can find ways to drive down the operational costs of your organization.

Of course. You will be assigned a dedicated team along with a dedicated project manager who will keep you updated about the progress. You can get involved in the development as much as you want, and provide suggestions and feedbacks.