Healthcare IT Services & Healthcare Application Development

With over a decade of experience in Healthcare Software Development, Aegis Health Tech has helped a lot of hospitals in changing the way they perceive Healthcare IT solutions.

As time is of the essence in any healthcare business, we provide Healthcare Application Development Services that work at exceptional speed with utmost reliability. Our "Healthcare Software Development Services" increasing the overall productivity in the functioning of the organization by shortening the billing cycles, reducing the time spent with patient’s records, automating interoffice routines and every other kind of record storage activities.

With Aegis’ services for Healthcare Software Development, now doctors and administrators can spend their time with those who matter the most – their patients.

Healthcare Software Development Services

We have provided a host of different healthcare software and healthcare applications for businesses in healthcare by combining the advantages of speed, smooth operations and cost efficiency.

  • Customized EHR Implementation
  • Healthcare IT support
  • Healthcare security
  • Patient information management
  • Management of patient’s drug profiles
  • Patient report generation
  • Healthcare application development for staff’s attendance, scheduling and workflow

Apart from this, we also provide a host of other healthcare IT services that assist in electronically storing the patient’s journey and maintain staff activities.

Healthcare Application Development Services

Patient-Centric Healthcare Systems

Investing in technology, particular healthcare IT services, goes a long way in helping hospitals and institutions to create a patient-centric system which focusses majorly on providing better services.

  • Patient Portals: The staffs can access the patient’s records easily, update it and make modifications from anywhere in the hospital.
  • Shorter Delivery Cycles: The time for a patient to avail the services from the time of appointment will be shortened with perfectly managed hospitals.
  • Better Communication Channels: The staff, doctors and administrators can communicate fast and efficiently eliminating any errors due to miscommunications.
  • High-Level Security: We comply with the international security parameters and standards and ensure that the confidential information is kept secure.
  • 24X7 Support: We provide app development and maintenance support at all times providing operational help and answering queries with regards to the usage.
  • Training: We offer training to help the staff in interacting easily with the system and take advantage of it to the maximum.

Healthcare Application Development Company

We create healthcare applications for hospitals, medical service businesses, medical providers, institutions and big conglomerates. Our healthcare application development focusses on making the entire process as simple as possible for the users while helping you in managing it efficiently.

  • E-Prescription System: Patients can access their prescriptions anytime from anywhere with these apps available on their mobiles.
  • M-Health Apps with EHR Integration: Our custom developed m-health apps will be directly integrated with EHR on the cloud with complete security to the patient’s records.
  • Tracking Apps: Hospitals and institutions can be benefitted a lot with applications for tracking patients and software with integrated wearables.
  • Any Platform of Your Choice: We create healthcare apps for Android, iOS and hybrid mobile applications with options to sync with a cloud platform.

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