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Healthcare Apps Revolutionizing Medical and Healthcare Industry and making it efficient in every sense

There were days when websites were the biggest thing that started digital movement. They are still important but have been shifted from PCs to mobiles of the users. Healthcare app development has evolved everything and altered the ecosystem with more interactive, flexible, and user-friendly platform- mobile application. Over 60% of the population is using mobile apps in every virtual life, from business to travel, healthcare to lifestyle.

Today, medical and healthcare industry knows the significance of mobile apps due to major alterations in the industry. Healthcare professionals are taking interest in developing healthcare mobile applications as these solutions are helping in enhancing the patient healthcare and services. The number of health apps for android and iOS has increased tremendously since last years. This is just a beginning. Development services assisting people cope with several health issues anytime at remote location is trending.

The Healthcare Application Development Industry

People often ask about the growth of healthcare industry. The reason behind the growth is the emergence of new diagnostic and treatment options offered by IT. The industry uses the term mHealth – use of mobile devices and wireless technologies to ensure a healthy lifestyle, including basic and serious medical care. The mobile healthcare market is subdivided into two areas –

  • 1. Fit – These mHealth apps are designed to focus on fitness and healthy lifestyle. This type of app can be installed at any mobile device and are available in numbers in the app store.
  • 2. Med – Med apps are more professional and need to cooperate with the clicic, diagnostic center, doctor, and physician to provide proper feedback to the user. These apps are usually used by healthcare organizations to manage and handle the routine tasks.

The number of mobile subscribers has already crossed 7 billion. And almost 22% of the world’s population will be retired by 2050. Older people are likely to suffer from chronic diseases and in need of intensive care. Villagers hardly have access to qualified healthcare services and never deny to remote treatment – this makes health tracking apps as a primary choice. More cases of ill people enlarge medical expenses. Many hospitals will have lesser medical staff by 2020 and here mobile applications come in to play.

Healthcare industry is sensitive and any error or fault can be fatal. To reduce failure cases, these mobile apps can help test and enhance the processes run by medical staff and ensure quality health care services in return. Basically, healthcare application development can improve healthcare service by making staff more efficient to deliver quick service at cheaper price in most comprehensive way. Here are major benefits provided by mobile apps to the healthcare industry-

#1. Better healthcare at remote areas

One of the biggest challenges to medical agencies across the globe is their inability to reach remote parts where medical attention is required in emergency. As the internet knows no restrictions, it helps reaching these points with Ehealthcare technology. The applications allow patients to book an appointment with their physicians or doctors, buy medicines online, and even run a basic diagnosis for common symptoms. The push notifications help them getting significant health tips. Basically, these apps help bring the hospital closer home.

#2. They are better support to doctors and medical staff

Healthcare Apps have proven to be best support to doctors and medical staff. These apps can assist the medical team to get updated with the present condition of their patients regardless of their location. With the help of healthcare mobile apps, doctors can prescribe medicines to their patients in case of emergency or first aid. The apps are equally benefiting the patients as they can access prescription instantly anywhere.

#3. Instant access to healthcare

This is an old story when doctors had to visit the houses to diagnose and treat patients. "Healthcare Applications" have replaced such in-house visits with digital visits. With mobile apps, patients can easily find doctors and book an appointment while staying at home. They can also audio/video chat with doctors for emergency assistance. The app store is full of interactive mobile apps that empower patients to ask general health questions from doctors who are there for 24X7 without any need of booking an appointment.

#4. Emergence of new business models and opportunities

There was a time when doctors had to use referral pads and make door-to-door visit to maintain relationship with the patient. This practice is still there but doctors are now doing it in better way by using modern and efficient business model. With the help of referral management system, physicians are able to write resourceful referrals.

#5. Precise report and reduction in the wrong diagnosis

In earlier times, it was common for doctors to make the wrong diagnosis and sometimes it was fatal experience. With the introduction of mobile apps, such cases of wrong diagnosis have been reduced. Doctors are now able to generate precise reports of their patients and this helps them in delivering right health care services.

#6. Reduction in medical expenses and bills

The cost of healthcare is a major contributory factor to mortality mainly in third world countries. One of the reasons behind expensive medical care is the infrastructure of medical facilities. These apps are the alternatives to physical structures of the healthcare. Using these apps reduce the medical bills and expenses.

#7. Personal monitoring of health

Healthcare Apps usually come with useful features that enable patients to monitor their personal health. With the use of health apps, patient is able to check important health initials such as blood pressure level, blood sugar level, cholesterol level, heartbeat, etc.

Healthcare Application Development Company like Aegis health Tech is a reliable and trustworthy partner in the industry. If you are interested in exploring the healthcare apps and want to have your own app solution, connect with it or any local app development company in your location. The experts will guide you through the technology and its benefits.