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    Healthcare IT Services at Your Fingertips

    Dedicated web and mobile Healthcare ITSolutions that let the users access data any time from anywhere.

    Build your choice of healthcare mobile apps for ease of use.

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    Driving Business Intelligence Through Healthcare IT Consulting Services

    Include the right platforms and the right tools to empower your organization towards better patient care.

    Analyze and inch closer business intelligence now with our healthcare analytics.

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    Customized Software Services for Any Healthcare Need

    From patient portals to integrated hospital management systems, let’s customize the best possible IT solution that solves the challenges.

    Partner together with us to witness enhanced organizational performance.

Simplify Healthcare Management with Customized IT Solutions

A healthcare company has various responsibilities to manage and many priorities to fulfil. An underperforming IT system or an inaccurate manual process will only make things even harder. Our customized healthcare IT services with robust solutions will eliminate such unnecessary management issues in the healthcare industry. Your focus can now be on only the patients and not anything else!

Aegis Health Tech is one of the leading healthcare IT consulting firms and has helped many healthcare organizations to transform their way of working. Our healthcare experts are one of the best in the industry in solving the challenges in healthcare management and make the entire process as seamless as possible. We offer numerous IT services for healthcare organizations to effectively manage their everyday operations without losing their focus on patient care.

Revolutionizing Healthcare Since 2005

Innovation and customization have been the mantra for our healthcare IT consulting services. It’s hard to concentrate on your core task when there are some management issues nagging at the back. When you automate a majority of the processes and convert to digital storage, you can eradicate most of these common issues. We are experts at creating IT systems for:

  • Patient record storage and maintenance
  • Employee management and scheduling
  • Hospital inventory management
  • Equipment and order tracking
  • Warehouse and inventory integration
  • Swift billing with integrated financial records
  • Online treatment planning
  • Mobile healthcare applications
  • Other patient services like online consultations, appointment scheduling and reminders, newsfeeds, e-prescribing, etc.

Revamp Your Operations with Our Healthcare IT Solutions

Our healthcare IT consulting services have helped many organizations to reshape the way they work. Our clients have noticed a good improvement in the productivity of the employees, the efficiency of the complete operations, minimal hindrance to the physicians and high satisfaction from their patients. You can talk to us to implement an entire healthcare IT system for the organization or find solutions for specific issues that have been cutting into the efficiency levels.We are amongst one of the best healthcare IT consulting firms and here are some of the customizable services we offer:

  • Healthcare IT Consulting Services: Get suggestions on the best ways to manage your existing IT systems, brainstorm to find new solutions for current problems and increase the scalability for future needs.
  • Healthcare App Development: Let’s build a completely customized application for desktop and mobile phones with simple, intuitive functionalities for everyone to use. We build healthcare IT systems like EHR, HIS, PMS, patient portals, employee portals, etc.
  • Healthcare System Integration: Bring together all your standalone systems on a central integrated platform that lets you monitor and manage from a single interface.
  • Healthcare IT Security:
  • : Follow the global standards of security in IT healthcare systems and enforce HIPAA compliance, ICD-10, DICOM, ISO 13485 and other such regulations to protect sensitive data.
  • Healthcare Analytics: Implement a big data system that analyzes your current working models and provides deep insights into creating better services that reduce risks, waiting time, operational costs and inaccuracies.
  • Healthcare IT Support and Maintenance: Keep your IT systems up-to-date and in the best health by monitoring the system, making a few changes to the current requirements and ensure its uniform performance.

Choose the Best Healthcare IT Consulting Firms for Enhanced Patient Care

Our goal is the same - to provide the best patient care possible. We care about how our Healthcare IT services with robustsolutions impact your company and tailor our services precisely to solve your vital needs. We are the best at what we do and offer assured result-oriented services. This is why we have many clients coming back to us for more:

  • A dedicated in-house team of developers, testers and healthcare experts
  • Use of the latest resources, platforms and tools
  • Adherence to the highest standards of security
  • On-time delivery with assistance for deployment and employee training
  • Healthcare solutions backed with data analysis
  • Customized system local to your specific need
  • 24X7 dedicated IT support staff for quickly resolving issues

If you want to make use of our advanced and tailored healthcare IT solutions, then send us your requirements to