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EMR Consulting Solutions and Development

The healthcare industry has become a lot more technical than ever before in the recent few years. Whether your enterprise has multiple regional facilities, is a medical practice or a single hospital, your business is more complicated today than ever before!

At Aegis, we provide our clients high quality EMR Integration Services, offshore software development services and offer them the advantage of completely customized solutions for all their healthcare software needs. Our business analysts and software development teams have handled numerous outsource projects in India from clients across the globe.

Some of the key features in the services that we have provided are:

  • Patient Registration: New patients can be registered and old patient records can be updated using EMR system. Also, the clinician appointed for a certain patient can prescribe medicines or lab tests.
  • Encounter History: You can keep entire history of patients attended or pending. The documentation can be done on the basis of any criteria like date, location, etc.
  • Clinical Documentation: This is an efficient and error free way of keeping a patients medical record. You can record a patients' medical history, past medications, current medications, allergies, etc. This module can be customized as per the requirement of the clinician. You can also add growth charts, diet plan, etc. in this module.
  • Educational Resources: This is a great way to keep yourself as well as your patients educated about any new healthcare related rules and regulations. You can connect to major websites like NLM, NIH, US government agencies, etc.
  • Document Upload: The attending doctor can upload and share patients' documents like lab tests, x-ray, prescription etc., with the patient. With an efficient EMR system, the clinicians can share the same among each other if the patient is changing the doctor for any reason.
  • Problem List: This feature especially helps in chronic cases like patients with pacemakers and implants. A complete list of any kind of problems such as allergy to certain foods, medicines, etc., any mental, medical or nursing diagnoses.
  • Rhapsody Connect: Using this feature, healthcare organizations can connect to other public health agencies. This enables them to keep a record of patients' immunization. The same can be modified and shared as and when needed.
  • Ordering: Using the ordering module, the healthcare organizations can place electronically generated orders to multiple departments like radiology, laboratories, allied health and ancillary services. This not only streamlines the process but also helps larger organizations to make cost effective decisions.

With EMR Solutions (Electronic Medical Records), you can improve the delivery of healthcare services and make processes more efficient and cost-effective. You can also integrate your EMR system with patient management, practice management and revenue cycle management solutions.

All the above features and many more can be incorporated as per the clients' requirements. Outsourcing EMR system development will not only provide you lower costs, but will ensure high quality service and reasonable delivery time.

For further information, please contact us at hs@aegishealthtech.comskype