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Personalized healthcare is becoming all the more popular with each passing day. It is the process of segregating the patients into diverse set of groups. The diversification is based on a lot of factors, like clinical decisions as well as unique characteristics and many other things. Also, most of the times, the risk of illnesses is also considered while diversifying. After the diversification of people in different sets, the patients can be offered with personalized care and treatment. The intense and deep understanding of illnesses has led to the rise of personalization of the diseases. Personalized medication also involves latest approaches to diagnosis. A lot of technical developments have taken place in the fields of AI, ML and data science in healthcare.

Based on a lot of information, including a patient’s genetic details, the environment, the lifestyle a lot of things could be determined. Basically, the data scientists have to identify the most suitable course of treatment as well as prevention with the help of data. Both personalized and precision medicines are all about enhancing the therapeutic tools in various fields of medicine.

Listed below are a few of the topics that we will cover in the blog:

  • All about healthcare data and data science
  • The role of ML and AI in Precision and Personalized Medicine
  • Top tools in the field of personalized healthcare
  • Big Data Analytics transforming Precision Medicine

All about healthcare data and analytics

From a very long time, the term Big Data is used to describe the immense increase in volume, variety and velocity of information. That information is not only related to medical or healthcare field, but almost every part of the world. However, data has started playing a significant role in the healthcare arena and the volume and variety have increased massively as well. In fact, now, the data scientists and researchers are capable of quickly generating and storing the data for its analysis.

Big Data isn’t just about the increasing volume, but it is also related to the massively growing scope of analysis and interpretation of the data. The emergence of data science has been noteworthy. Also, on a regular basis, we see improvements in the field of data science. Starting from data collection to processing, everything is improved over the past years. New data science related tools have been invented that make the process of extracting meaning from huge volume of the data quite significant. Also, it has been observed that data has the potential to drive real time modifications in the clinical practice. And, it has a major role to play in implementing personalized healthcare. Data science has been playing a pivotal part in the conceptualization and actualization of personalized therapy as well as the intelligent drug design. Also, new tools and techniques are now being presented in the market for HER mining and population screening.

The role of ML and AI in Precision and Personalized Medicine

The experts have started incorporating the genetic as well as the molecular data for making personalized and efficient treatment decisions for patients. As per some of the recent surveys, several healthcare companies are keen to take part in the research activities with the aim to steer biomarker discover.

In the recent time, healthcare it services industries has seen an upsurge in the adoption of AI and Ml. And, the integration of AI and ML has benefitted the people in many ways. It has solves a few of the toughest issues in the clinical trial design as well as the biomarker discovery. A lot of advancements have been done in the fields of AI and ML. Many institutes are interested in using clouds as well as machine learning to solve the problems related to generating the actionable insights from the genomic data.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in healthcare application development is used to discover new insights. For example, the new findings have depicted that the retina scans are the first predictor of heart disease. We could only get this information after analyzing and studying the huge volume of data. Also, the utilization of cloud computing has pumped the use of AI and ML.

Personalized healthcare Example

Personalized and Precision healthcare is much more than just about the diagnoses of the illnesses or the treatment of the diseases. It is more related to the utilization of the huge volume of data which is used to predict the possible health risks. Additionally, it is also used to identify how a patient may respond to any of the specific healthcare related plan. The healthcare data offers a complete picture of the patient’s condition and wellness parameters.

Personalization of healthcare is the engine the steers a paradigm shift. Nowadays, cutting-edge technology is used to gather a lot of data from various sources. The latest tools have given access to an unprecedented levels of patient’s data. And, all this data can be used to design effective personalized healthcare plans.

One of the most noteworthy example of personalized healthcare is presented by Orlando Health. They use a large amount of data to deliver personalized communication to the new mothers. The platform enables the new mothers to track and follow a lot of useful things, as a result, they are able to offer better care to the kids. Also, they receive multiple personalized emails and reminders. They can easily ask questions and get answers.

Big Data Analytics transforming Precision Medicine

Big health data is high volume and variety of data which is generated from the patient’s health records. Also, big data contains information related to the treatment, diagnosis, genomic sequencing as well as the medical history of the patients. In fact, it even contains the details derived from the smart gadgets, wearables, medical research as well as a host of other sources. Big data is a collection of a vat set of healthcare data. And, the data scientists have to develop a comprehensive understanding of how the information could be utilized. Basically, the whole game is about churning useful insights from the data. With the help of insights, new medicines, clinical procedures, research etc. could be improved.

There are a lot of factors that have some kind of effect on the patients’ health outcomes. And, the factors could modify the complete course of treatment. The information or the data can help the care providers to focus in precise prognosis. Also, the patient health records are making it easier for the experts to enable the tracking of real-time clinical data of the care seekers. The records are capable of capturing each and every information, starting from the diagnosis information, history, the reports, clinical notes and a plenty of other things. It may even contain the details about radiology imaging and scans. Additionally, information like inherited factors as well as environment and the lifestyles of the patient plat a significant role in enabling personalized healthcare. All this information and a lot of other details have to be collected and analyzed to use the insights for personalized and precision medicine.

Personalized and Precision Healthcare will go a long way. It is expected to touch newer heights in the coming years as it is turning out to be quite useful for the world. Also, with the increased use of the new technologies, there is no doubt about the fact that personalized and precision healthcare will become all the more popular and easy to incorporate.

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