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You must remember the old days where you had to schedule an appointment of a doctor by getting there and waiting in a queue. Moreover, lab test reports would take days to get in your hands. Thankfully, Healthcare IT Services have changed the scenario by making a huge shift in the workflow. Moreover, the digital transformation trends in healthcare are speeding up in 2019.

With the AI assistance, doctors and physicians are able to monitor a person’s health and even detect signs of decline. Many digital transformation trends in healthcare offer benefits to both patients and the healthcare industry. The changes experienced by all are better and making healthcare digitally reliant.

There is no doubt that digital transformation has made revolutionary changes in every industry, but in healthcare specifically, it is helping everyone live longer and lead healthier, safer, and more productive lives. There are top trends we are going to discuss that are shuffling the healthcare industry for good-


Four years ago, there were just over 1 million telehealth patients around the world. By 2018, the number hit 7 million and for good reason. Today’s telehealth technology is benefiting patients in most remote locations of the world. It empowers them to access quality healthcare and get life-saving diagnoses.

Healthcare IT services Market has reliable software development companies to assist you with telemedicine technology. Major benefits of Telemedicine technology-

  • The technology removes the geographical barriers for specialists and patients. If you cannot afford to fly across the nation to meet the top cancer specialist, telemedicine allows the specialist to connect with your local doctor digitally in order to give you best treatment.
  • It also saves the time of patient and doctor and the cost of travelling for both of them.

Telemedicine technology is a win-win on either side since both the patient and doctor can have it in their own remote locations.

AI in Healthcare IT Services Market

Before technology came to the healthcare, patients used to wait for a week for the lab test results. Later, technology changed everything- including the patient healthcare experience. With AI, body scans and other tests are being completed dramatically. AI and deep learning allow doctors to read body scans to analyze CAT scans up to 150 times faster than human radiologists. It helps them detecting acute neurological events in 1.2 seconds, for instance.

Benefits of AI in Healthcare IT Services Market

  • No stressful waiting hours
  • Accurate reports in no time
  • Faster trials
  • Better meds
  • Reduce costs
  • Prevent identity theft
  • Enhance processes


It’s frustrating when you had to change your doctor or visit a specialist as you need to transfer the patient files. With the introduction of Blockchain, things have sorted out incredibly. The entire traditional process changed with the blockchain as it automatically offer the eligible doctors and specialists to access complete medical history to provide you healthcare. Blockchain also help solve the data protection and security issues, assisting insurance companies and hospitals in protecting the patient data.

Digital Transformation of Healthcare Areas

In the last few years, healthcare industry has been making attempts to compete with other industries in terms of delivering a better customer experience. The industry has been giving a value of care to the patients. The evolution in mobile, data, and cloud technologies has changed the health care industry across the world.

Such change is pushing healthcare providers and insurance companies towards more customer-centric model. It is the needs of the modern customer who demands both control and choice.

We are living in extremely connected times, yet many healthcare providers and systems are still running on severely fragmented ecosystem.

When we talk about digital transformation and its significance in healthcare, we meant the way we can connect and use data, technology, and communication to redefine business models and customer experience and interaction. At Aegis Health Tech, we managed it services for healthcare and emerged as the leading healthcare software development company by delivering patient-centric IT solutions to medical industry.

Top Benefits of Digital Transformation In Healthcare It Services

There are some areas of healthcare that experience growth with digital transformation. These areas are as under-

#1. Finding the right doctor

One of the important challenges in healthcare system is making a right match of patient service and provider. This is very critical thing as it decides the fate of the patient. The whole healthcare industry needs to provide more data to patients to enable them for making sound decisions about their physicians. With digital transformation, patients are empowered to make better choices about their health.

#2. Accessibility

Finding the right physician is as difficult as getting a car from Uber or Ola in front of your gate. The healthcare industry is still trying to catch up with the on-demand economy. People are busy and often use their mobile phones to get things done. The healthcare sector got a major opportunity to drive innovation in order to allow more patients to access physicians with their phones and other digital devices. Digital transformation can make it possible to see a doctor whether it be for a house call or making a clinic appointment.

#3. Accountability

Social media has raised the expectations for customer support. An unhappy customer can tweet about his experience and get response from the company. The healthcare industry lacks tools to provide accountability. When the patient books an appointment with a doctor, for example, there is no such way to know the success or failure.

With right digital transformation, healthcare organizations can handle patient feedback. It can help enhance healthcare products and services. Digital transformation is a part of the solution.

Digital transformation is a continuous journey that needs putting the customer at the center of the business. When you choose digital transformation for healthcare, you need to look beyond the technology required to bring innovation. It is important to engage healthcare industry with consumers to keep up with the staggering pace of digital change. And for that, you should contact a reliable IT service partner like Aegis Health Tech.