Healthy Initiative with Patient Engagement Software

According to Markets and Markets, a leading health care research firm, the patient engagement software has a marketplace which was worth about $5.5 billion back in 2014, and is expected to reach at around $13.7 billion by 2019.

Health Care Transformation with EMR Integration

With continuous improvement taking up the major industries by storm with growing digitalization and smart techniques, the health care industry has also set its step ahead with the amazing Electronic Medical Records (EMR).

Let Go Off Paper in Health Care with EMR Consulting

The EMRs or Electronic Medical Records are considered to be one of the initial stages in this digitalization movement. There is minimal scope of the information getting leaked outside the unit. As the world goes digital with days, so does medical technology.

Different Yypes of EMR & EHR Solutions

EHR on other side allows health records of patients to move with them like to other hospitals, specialized doctors, clinics, nursing homes and health care providers as well. EMR are digitalized charted data of patients and their medical history.

Guide to the Healthcare Software

The recent updates in the healthcare software industry is that of the EHRs or Electronic Health Records, as a result of constant improvement and upgradation in techniques and digitalization everywhere.

Know about Electronic Media Record and Electronic Health Record

EMR contain clinic and standard data collected at one place as office of the particular provider. Electronic Health Records (EHR) whereas recorded data beyond a particular provider’s office. EHR is more extensive and comprehensive history of patient.

Specialty EHR Is Improving Patient Care In Unimaginable Ways

The technologies prevalent today are playing a critical role in enhancing the healthcare industry. Practical applications like Electronic Health Records are improving the way healthcare providers manage their patients' information and access it on-the-go.

Improve Lives of The Patients With EHR Implementation

These are digital versions of a patient’s medical records in a single accumulation available anytime and everywhere across all medical units, while maintaining the patient’s data privacy and secrecy. If you are planning for a better and improved health care provider centre, below are the guidelines.

Comprehensive Statistics From The Healthcare Industry

Statistics are the sure-shot way of knowing about the direction in which an industry or a sector is heading. From a comprehensive set of statistics, the complete picture of the happenings in the world becomes clearer.

Healthcare Software Solution for 2018

There are solution providers who have standard solutions with great features. Then, there are developers who can create Software solutions specifically for your needs with features that you want.

Standard Healthcare Software Solutions

In healthcare Software industry, practitioners or hospitals often find themselves in such situations where they have to decide between custom healthcare solution and standard available variants.

EMR - The Need Of The Hour

Well, we all have gone through this tedious process at once in our life. But times are changing fast and with the steep rise in technology and electronics engulfing almost every aspect of our day to day life, everything small object is getting digitised and occupying lesser space.

Patient Portal - The Increasing Demand

The Healthcare industry is getting boosted through technological advancements. Recent trends that have propped up as a result of leading technological concepts like Big Data, Analytics, Internet of Things, and Machine Learning are remote healthcare services, wearables in healthcare, developments in research and studies, and innovations with an accelerated pace.

How Patient Portals are Changing Healthcare

There is a massive growth in patient portal throughout the world that can be attributed to federal mandates, the growing adoption of a patient-centric approach for healthcare services delivery, the increase in EHR adoption, and the likeability of a patient portal for the elderly patients.

How Hospitals are Integrating EMR Services within Their Facility?

Hospitals and other healthcare organizations are encountering demand of offering electronic interfaces at exceptional prices. EMR integration services are expensive and not every clinic or lab in healthcare industry can avail them easily. The hike in demand of these services is due to the operational and revenue objective. Interfacing apps process is critical to achieve both objectives. Experts in healthcare are using two primary approaches to interfacing-