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Slowly and steadily custom healthcare software development has attained popularity among healthcare organizations and clinics. Today, healthcare software plays key role in the biomedicine industry since it allows healthcare providers to monitor and manage patient data and the organization. It is reported by the experts that the market value of healthcare software is planned to hit approx. $29.9 billion by 2023, with a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 7.4% from 2018 to 2023.

We are going to talk about the major types of healthcare software used by the industry to provide a seamless and consistent experience for medical experts and patients.

Medical Practice Management Software Development

Medical practice management software (MPMS) is an important part of modern medical practices. This software deals with routine operations and streamlines clinical workflows. Experts believe that the Medical Practice Management Software Development market will grow at a CAGR of over 8% by 2021. This software enables healthcare providers to enter and track patient data and process payment and insurance details.

Key Components of Medical Practice Management Software

  • Patient information management enables staff employees to store patient data that includes medical history, demographic information, insurance information, medication, and reasons for medical visits.
  • Scheduling enables staff to schedule and track the visits of the patient.
  • Reporting allows healthcare providers to avail detailed information related to finances, quality of care, and other critical data.
  • Financial management offers best accounting features including payroll and timesheet management, accounts receivable/payable, etc.

Major Benefits of MPMS

  • Easy and quick access to healthcare data
  • Focus on quality care
  • Enhanced patient satisfaction

The Future of MPMS

The global practice management software market is set to grow at a CAGR of 9.7% by 2023. The main reason for this growth is that MPMSs enable healthcare providers to access patient data and create reports that explain the performance of organization. By leveraging these reports, a clinic can enhance its medical practice plans. Doctors and physicians depend on reporting features to achieve deep insights and assess their efficiency. As the demand for reporting surges, the demand for MPMS will only grow.

Electronic Health Record Software Development

EHR or Electronic Health Record software is another kind of healthcare software used by the industry. It includes detailed information about the patients. Usually, EHR has data of patient’s medical history, laboratory reports, demographics, and allergies. The data can be shared across physicians and enable them to provide precise treatment. There is a healthcare software development companyAegis Health Tech that can assist you with EHR requirements.

  • Data Management enables the practitioners to enter and save patient data electronically and the same data can be accessed by physicians.
  • Patient history has information related to existing issues, allergies, medications, etc.
  • Patient Scheduling enables medical providers to schedule patients with an ease, register them, and select the reason of visiting.
  • E-prescribing enables medical providers to send prescriptions to pharmacies digitally.
  • Financial Reporting offers deep insights to healthcare organizations to enhance performance and help them in decision making.

Benefits of EHR Software

  • Cost savings
  • Better patient care
  • Enhanced efficiency

The Future of EHRs

It is predicted that the total global EHR market will be worth some $40 billion in 2024. It’s clear that the demand for EHRs will keep on rising. The EHR future is all about enhancing the interactions carried out between healthcare providers and patients. The software could become more useful for clinics with extra features like AI capabilities. Artificial Intelligence quickly scans the medical records of patients and offer real-time recommendations related to healthcare physicians as per the data.

E-prescribing software

E-prescribing enables healthcare providers to send prescriptions to pharmacies directly through internet. This software excludes the need of handwritten notes and instead sends precise and understandable prescriptions, considerably enhancing the patient care quality.

  • Prescription Management – this feature component enables healthcare providers to send prescriptions directly to pharmacies.
  • Medication history – it offers easy access to patient’s medication history using pharmacy database and EMR.
  • Feedback – enables patients to leave questions related to medication and learn about side effects and alternative medications.

Benefits of E-prescribing software

E-prescribing software offers several benefits to patients and physicians –

  • Zero prescription errors
  • Streamlined prescriptions
  • Extra time for patient care
  • Fewer lost prescriptions

The future of e-prescribing software

The use of e-prescriptions is increasing with time. The global e-prescribing market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 19% by 2023. In near future, e-prescribing systems will be able to highlight serious prescription errors and drug interactions.

Hospital Management Software Development

Hospital Management Software (HMS) is designed to manage all patient data, doctor, and healthcare employee information and billing. This type of system helps manage all departments of hospital, i.e. reception, labs, and more. HMS is made for improving the processing efficiency of the healthcare staff.

The custom healthcare software development company creates HMS system to make medical treatment more effective by managing every aspect of hospital administration. With hospital management software, physicians can provide extra quality real-time patient care.

  • Patient registration enables medical staff employee to register patient data, for example demographic information.
  • Pharmacy data management offers online drug prescription and billing of consumables, drugs, etc.
  • Laboratory data management gets online orders from doctors and creates requests accordingly.
  • Billing management automatically posts charges for consultant’s fee, lab tests, etc.

Benefits of HMS - Hospital Management Software

  • More patient satisfaction
  • Better data management
  • Enhanced efficiency

The Future of HMS - Hospital Management Software

Demand for HMS is increasing with the demand of other software solutions. Don’t be surprised if you see hospitals around the world adopting HMS in coming years since these systems replace paper-work and streamline the workflows of the hospitals in most convenient and reliable manner.

If you are prepared for healthcare application development, and have selected healthcare software for your organization, connect with the most reliable software development company or get in touch with Aegis Health Tech for more précised software development services and managed it services for healthcare.