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Which Is Better: Custom or Standard Healthcare Software Solutions?

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Business decision-making always requires a lot of considerations and scrutiny of aspects. It is not easy to choose between two alternatives when each one has something interesting to offer. In healthcare Software industry, practitioners or hospitals often find themselves in such situations where they have to decide between custom healthcare solution and standard available variants.

This blog will discuss how both custom and standard healthcare solutions emerge victorious in different scenarios.

When Cost and TimeAre the Deciding Factors
Most of the organizations or physicians consider investment a big factor. If you are the one for whom money and time matters, then the best choice would be to go for standard healthcare Software solutions. There are a couple of reasons why this is better than a custom solution:

  • One-time upfront investment
  • No waiting-period
  • No ad-hoc charges
  • Guaranteed support till end

In case of a custom solution, you can never be sure of the investment. There is definitely a plan in place. But, there are cases where glitches require ad-hoc investments causing uncertainty in terms of monetary requirements. Additionally, getting a custom solution developed is a time-consuming task. It requires significant amount of time in R&D followed by testing and fixing.

With a standard solution, you can be sure of the money that you will spend and the time that it would require implementing the solution. The companies that develop standard solutions offer implementation, maintenance, and support services that can be availed of depending on your requirement. These services can be delivered professionally and easily because the standard solution developers have been doing these for many hospitals.

When Audiences Matter More Than Anything
Custom solutions are the best when a hospital or clinic wants to get a solution that is personalized for their staff and patients. There is practically no end to your creativity in a custom solution. A custom healthcare Software solution has its set of benefits:

  • Include patient-appropriate features and functionalities
  • Get rid of bulk that does not add any value
  • Sync with personal databases without any third-party interventions

The thing with custom healthcare solution is that you are the boss of what you want. You can ask the developers to include specific features or create specific type of templates that will work well in your set-up. For example, if you are an ENT, then specialty-specific forms that have provisions for information that an ENT specialist would want to know rather than the information that is not useful in this practice.

Another advantage of a custom solution is that you do not have to carry the load of features that you do not want or the ones that are of limited use in your practice. Your solution being specific to your needs can help you focus on important aspects. Additionally, security in a custom solution is slightly more robust because no third-party is involved in data exchanges and maintaining of copy it. This means that your data is strictly limited to your use.

Both customized and standard healthcare solutions have their set of advantages and as a user; you have to decide which one works better. Customized solutions will always require more investment than standard solutions and would also need a considerable amount of time for development. These solutions always carry a level of uncertainty. On the other hand, standard solutions require less investment but are often filled with features that would have limited use for you. Also, standard solutions lack the personalization that custom Software solutions offer. Share your preference and opinions with us by posting a comment below.