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How The EHRs Of Present Day Are More Prepared

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Published on 28th June 2019
Written By Sandep Dharak | Sr. Software Developer at Aegis HealthTech

Healthcare technology has come a long way and EHRs (Electronic Health Records) are definitely one of the strongest and the most important parts of the healthcare ecosystem. There have been quite a plenty of revolutionary inventions, integrations and innovations in the world of healthcare that have revamped the complete healthcare industry. Also, we have seen the mergers of a plenty of healthcare platforms.

Therefore, there are certain healthcare platforms now that are capable of offering a plenty of features. The EHRs and EMRs are no longer restricted to only recording and exchanging the medical data. In fact, there are so many healthcare applications which contain the EHRs and the EMRs capability, but at the same time, they also contain a host of other features.

How Are The Modern EHRs And EMRs More Evolved?

EMR and EHR have become two of the strongest parts of the healthcare industry. EHRs are an important part of the healthcare ecosystem. But, EHRs and EMRs are no longer just the platforms to store data. In fact, the modern EHRs and EMRs are mostly a part of the healthcare application that contains a plenty of other features both for the patients and for the doctors. Therefore, all the practitioners who have adopted the EHRs and the EMRs can also make most of the additional features that are a part of the same healthcare app that contains the EHRs and EMRs.

The present day EHRs and EMRs are meeting the requirements of the interoperability in the healthcare industry. These solutions not only make it easy for the doctors to have a look at the patient’s medical history in order to take necessary decisions. But, as EHRs and EMRs are a part of the healthcare apps, thus the users are able to make the most of a plenty of other features as well. For example, the healthcare apps allow the patients to book appointments, whereas, such apps allow the doctors to manage their practice.

Present-day EHRs and EMRs are much more prepared?

Yes. There is no doubt about the fact that the modern EHRs and EMRs are a lot more advanced and prepared than the old ones. First of all, as both of these solutions are mostly a part of an extensive healthcare app, thus, there are a host of interesting features which both the patients and the doctors can use.

The existing EHRs and EMRs contain almost all the medical history of the data. Starting from the past medical records to the present, also, the apps make it easy to maintain and manage the medical records. And, most importantly, as such healthcare apps follow the healthcare guidelines and security parameters, therefore, healthcare apps are a lot more secure. And, the exchange of data is not only easy but also safe.

Also, the present day EHRs and EMRs are a lot more user friendly. Basically, the interfaces of the healthcare apps are a lot more intuitive. The developers are keen in making the user interface a lot more engaging as, better interface will make the app more desirable. Also, engaging user interface will make the app a lot more popular, as the users will find the app easier to use. Also, the patient experience will be a lot better.

Additionally, developers are even looking to integrate new-age technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Big Data in the healthcare apps, including the EHRs. The integration of the latest technologies will not only make the EHRs more efficient but also quick to use. Therefore, there is a lot that we can expect from the future of the EHRs and the healthcare apps.