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Health Care Transformation with EMR Integration

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Published on 18th July 2018
Written By Sandep Dharak | Sr. Software Developer at Aegis HealthTech

With continuous improvement taking up the major industries by storm with growing digitalization and smart techniques, the health care industry has also set its step ahead with the amazing Electronic Medical Records (EMR).

EMRs are nothing but a digital version of a patient’s medical diagnosis history from a single medical unit; say any health Organisation, hospital or doctor. There is negligible scope of data leakage which means that the patient’s health and medical data are secured and maintained with due privacy.

The several benefits of the digitally smart and one of the initial conventions in the health care industry towards both the medical unit and patients are captured below:

Advantages EMR provides to Medical Units
If you own a medical unit, before you install EMR and migrate your data, check the features below:

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The medical records if maintained in paper files, they pose a great problem in case they need to be transferred from one building to another or from one department to another, which happens quite frequently in our local hospitals and laboratory test organizations. EMRs provide a paperless facility of transferring the data; one click is all it takes if you want to send this data to another department, via an email or fax.

Files and papers occupy physical space and may get misplaced or fade away with time, which is nil for digital EMRs.

With this software, there is an improved and better service to the patients thus increasing the number of patients served each day! It paves way for faster diagnosis which means sooner recovery! These come with built in reporting tools which enable maintenance of clean and detailed health records of patients along with graphical representations.

The setting up of digital EMRs would mean lesser manual and laborious job, which eventually saves cost and overtime for laborers.

Not only medical records maintenance, but also there is no hassle of reading and writing prescriptions! The digital EMRs come with the benefit of e-prescriptions and advanced medical documentation of the prescribed drugs to each and every patient.

Medical billing for the patients is also possible with the help of in built billing software which reduces errors associated with billing of patients that would we generally come across in real life while some get featured in media!

Advantages EMR provides to Patients
EMR designing companies ensure maintenance of medical records in a secured manner, via password protection. Since it is digital and electronic, there is no human error. This ensures safety to the patient for correct diagnosis and also presents a detailed medical history to the doctor. This also means that there is no time leakage due to turning of pages of several files and finding out the minute details that the doctor needs.

Most importantly, they ensure an individual patient’s data security and privacy. So, EMR means improved, better and faster diagnosis along with no human errors of writing and transcribing, also faster decision making of the medical practitioner to ensure that the patient gets well sooner. Ultimately, the doctor is able to serve more patients each day.

Make sure you consult a specialist and train your staff in order to install the software and incorporate its smart techniques into your medical unit. Make sure you have the technical knowhow and trained for the migration.