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Different Types of EMR & EHR Solutions

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Electronic Media Record (EMR) or Electronic Health Record (EHR) is the software which contain the digital version of medical history belongs to patients collaborated from one practice. EMR solution is a necessity evil for hospital management where healthcare software companies are required. Electronic Media Record (EMR) and Electronic Health Record (EHR) are significant to contain, develop and maintain all the records of patient services, activities and information as well. These records are utilized to analyse the patient history. There are various debates likes’ difference between Electronic Media Records and Electronic Health Records. It is also important to see various types of EMR solutions.

Difference between Electronic Media Record (EMR) and Electronic Health Record (EHR) EMR contain clinic and standard data collected at one place as office of the particular provider. Electronic Health Records (EHR) whereas recorded data beyond a particular provider’s office. EHR is more extensive and comprehensive history of patient. EHR data is recorded, managed and can be consulted as well.

EHR on other side allows health records of patients to move with them like to other hospitals, specialized doctors, clinics, nursing homes and health care providers as well. EMR are digitalized charted data of patients and their medical history.

Different types of free Electronic Media Record and Electronic Health Record Solutions

Different Types of Free EMR and EHR Solutions

Ad-Supported EMR Software:
Ad-supported EMR software displays Ads on the electronic media record screens. Various physicians and medical facility owners don’t actually pay for this software instead they let the vendors earn from these advertisement flashes on their EMR screens. The adverstiment shown on EMR software are basically related to the medical field so they do not disturb or break the workflow. Physicians or ad-supported EMR software users can remove these advertisements by paying $1000 as monthly free to the vendors.

Open Source EMR Software:
Like open source software, these EMR softwares are free to download, distribute and altered as well. Users are allowed to customize these open source EMR software according to their requirements.

Free Version EMR Software:
There are also some vendors in the market who offer the free version of the paid softwares to various medical clinics and facilities for a particular time. However, these free version EMR software is incomplete of advanced features or sometime they are just for a particular time. Some physician does some smart work where they purchase small other softwares to perform those missing features in the free version of EMR Software.

Benefits of Electronic Media Records (EMR)
Electronic Media Records (EMR) is essential to carry out the extensive medical history of patient’s less than one roof as digitized and easily manageable. EMR are proven to be more accessible and efficient than paper records. EMR provides track data on basis of the time which means every particular detailed activity and information regarding the patient is available on the marked timing.

It also helps to identify the needs and requirement of patients. It improves the quality of HMS in medical practice in any medical facility. Certain EMR Solution can enhance the overall development of healthcare and medical facilities.